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Anderson, Thomas F.  */Jo Ann President  Pvt. James Cisero Hill, 19th Brigade, Captain Clayton's Co., Texas Militia
Antley, Gary Member Pvt. Emanuel Jackson Antley, Co. I, 1st Regiment Alabama Infantry
Barley, Hayden /Jeanette Member Cpl. Robert Barley, Co. A, 2nd Infantry, Galveston
Barley, Ricky  / Coleen Member Cpl. Robert Barley, Co. A, 2nd Infantry, Galveston
Bates, Walter G.  * Adjutant Pvt. Thomas Martin Bates, Co. E, 3rd Regiment, MO Infantry
Boren, Gerry Prosp. Member
Christopher Callas.  / Casey Member Pvt. Preston Brooks Maxey, Co.A, 6th Battalion, Texas Cavalry
Cawley, Larry F.  / Terri 1st Lt. Cmdr Pvt. Thomas Amis, Co. G, 3rd Regular Arkansas Cavalry
Chandler, George.  / Martha Member Pvt. Avery Dye, Co. H, 3rd Infantry Regiment, Missouri
Cleveland, Jimmy  *//Romelle Member  Pvt. John Alfred Peyton Wheeler, Co. B, 1st Battalion, Texas Sharp Shooters
Davis, Hal / Lesa  2nd Lt. Cmdr Pvt. Paschal Dacus, Co. G,38th Georgia Infantry
Domingue, Ed  /Annette Member Pvt. Lucien Gustave Bertrand, Co. G, 1st Louisiana H., Art'y Regulars
Doss, Corbitt         * Member 
Dunn, Tom Member Major William Watts Dunn, 3rd Brigade, TX State Trp
Freeman, Jimmy Jr. / Joy   Member 1st Lt. William S. (W.S.) Agnew, Co. K, Longstreets Div., 19th Mississippi, Jake Thompson Guards
Haggard, Matt.   Member Lt. Morgan Priestley Harbin, Co. B, 3rd MS Infantry
Henderson, Bubba Friend
Kammerling, David / Bonnie Member
Lenderman, Barley Member Capt. Henry Clay Jamison, Co. K, Regular Mississippi Inf.
Little, Bob   / Fran Prosp. Member
Lumpkin, James  /Shirley Member  Pvt. William Anderson Lumpkin, Co. F, Texas Infantry CSA Army
Martin, Joe Prosp. Member
Murray, Maverick  * Member  Pvt. Andrew Jackson Murray, Co. F, 39th Infantry, Sears Brigade, French's Div. Gardners Corp, AOT
Pouland, Hileory (RoHo Powell) / Teresa Member Pvt. George Washington Davidson, Co. A, 19th Texas CSA.
Pouland, John Ralph/ Sandra   Member Pvt. George Washington Davidson, Co. A, 19th Texas CSA
Preston, Fred L.  */Betty Sgt. at Arms, Webmaster Pvt. James B. Preston,Co.B, Virginia Military Institute 
Rowe, Ernest  / Janice Ann Member Pvt. Joseph Calvert, Co. B, 29th Regiment, Alabama Infantry CSA
Sanches, Greg  / Lanette Member Pvt. Masseneto Arriola Co. K. 16th Regiment Infantry, Madisonville, Madison County Texas
Selman, Toro Member
Tullos, Kim F   Historian ? Willoughby Tullos Jr., Co. A, 6th BN Texas Calvary, CSA
Vann, Raymond  / Sandy Member 2nd Lt. Joseph Curtis Vann, Co. H, 49th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Wilson, John Nolan  * Member
** Vail, Jerry Eugene Member Pvt/  John Calvin Vail, Pickens Co., AL, Co.E
5th Regiment Alabama Infantry

*  Charter Member
** Deceased

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